Defensive Pistol Level 1

(Note: This course is not recommended for beginners)

Cost for 5-hour course: $80 tax included

This course is designed to build a higher level of confidence in the student’s ability to control their firearms. The class is loaded with dynamic drills that will test the student in a variety of skills. This active course will leave you feeling capable and self-assured in your growth with a pistol. 

This course covers higher-level concepts around:

Pistol safety

Drawing from a holster

Trigger control


Addressing malfunctions

Shooting accuracy

Flash sight shooting

Shooting while moving

Engaging multiple targets

Students are responsible for the following

  1. Firearm (minimum of 25 caliber)
  2. Ear and Eye protection

3- 200 rounds of ammunition

4- Holster for their firearm (preferably one made specifically for their model, avoid “universal fits”)

5- Extra magazines for their firearm (a minimum of 2 will be needed)

6- Magazine carrier

7- Proper range attire (Shell casings are hot and ricochets are unlikely but possible)

The following is suggested to bring

  1. Bottled waters
  2. Sunscreen 
  3. Layered clothing in case of extreme temperatures
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Back up firearm (in case of unforeseen malfunctions)