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Serving Rio Arriba County with certified pistol courses including concealed carry.

Marcos Sanchez


NRA Pistol Instructor

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

NM Approved CCW Instructor #1024

Our Courses

Serving the Rio Arriba County. Here are the courses we offer including the Basic Pistol, Concealed Handgun and Defensive Pistol Level 1.

Extra Documentation

Here is a chance to look over our release waiver and a list of gear you will need for the course.

Professional and Safe Courses

At Sanchez Tactical LLC we provide courses including time at the gun range.


See what are customers are saying about us!

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MaryAnn D. Morgan

Great basic Pistol class! Marcos presented well thought out class, answered all questions thoroughly and patiently, ensured we were safe all the time, and made the entire experience enjoyable! His class was my first time shooting and I will definitely do it again!

Shanee Sanchez

From a person with little to no experience with guns, this class was very educational and fun. I took the concealed carry course and I left the class feeling confident and prepared. The training covers a large array of information such as basic components of pistols, handgun safety, laws and more! Extremely satisfied with the course! We will be going back for other training that is offered.

Maxine Montoya

For my birthday this year, I’m giving myself the Conceal to Carry Course Aug 24th and 25th. Looking forward to the Gun handling and safety education. The first course I took was very informative, I surprised myself with how good I did on the range for my last class.

Erik Slazar

Very good class. I enjoyed my time with Mr. Sanchez. he’s a very good instructor. I loved it and I’m sure you will too. Thank you, Mr. Sanchez.

Andrew Martinez

The concealed carry class is very informative. I left the class feeling confident in the laws and regulations concerning concealment, and proper handling of a firearm. I would definitely recommend.

Arthur Valencia

I recently took my concealed carry class with Sanchez Tactical. Very patient with his class. Marcos answered all questions thoroughly and in detail when he could. He makes the class feel comfortable and made us understand that any question we asked was not a dumb question. When it came to qualifying, Marcos made sure we felt completely comfortable with the caliber we were qualifying with and not only that if any wanted to change calibers he encouraged us to at least try. The practice drills he made us do were not only an educational tool to help us with accuracy but they were fun to do. Overall Marcos is a great instructor very patient will help you feel comfortable about shooting a gun and the whole aspect of concealed carry.

Linda Martinez-Plummer

I loved my birthday gift from Andrew Martinez. I’m very grateful to Marcos Sanchez for his excellent teaching techniques. I had a terrific day in class today. Now time to write a heartfelt letter to Santa Clause. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is this awesome Beretta…..
love Linda

Dora and Robin

It is true, we love the 4th of July, fireworks, BBQ, and picnics. This year after recently moving to Santa Fe and working on a new business (Kaizen SCUBA) we decided to do something different on the Fourth. We arranged to take a class with Marcos Sanchez of Sanchez Tactical. Both of us have more than a few years of firearms experience (one former LEO and one with 20+ years of shooting) and a great deal of experience teaching adults physical skills – martial arts, swimming, scuba diving, and a few others too.  To say we are hard to impress when it comes to teaching is an understatement. We believe that Marcos is hands down one of the best instructors with whom we have met and trained. He was extremely well prepared (not an easy task since he really didn’t know us or our experience levels) and more than competent. On top of that he made drilling the skills we wanted and needed to practice fun and interesting. We would highly recommend Sanchez Tactical to anyone looking for basic or defensive pistol training, or a concealed carry class.

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