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Monique and Marcos
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About Me

Born in Chimayo, then moving into Espanola at the age of 6, Northern New Mexico has always held a special place in my heart. Espanola and its surrounding communities are filled with great people, a wonderful variety in cultures, and stunning scenery that I respect and appreciate. After my successful fourteen-year career in retail management, my wife Monique gave birth to our son Christian and again later to our second son Sebastian. The formation of our growing family drove us to take control and find a better work/life balance. My passion for firearms combined with my desire to share knowledge lead to the creation of Sanchez Tactical LLC. With a foundation in safety, it is my mission to ensure my students are well informed and confident in their knowledge and abilities to operate their firearms. I make myself available and encourage students in all my courses; whether they are looking to become more prepared for a self-defense situation or just simply want to better their skills for recreational purposes. With over 20 years of shooting experience and NRA certifications in pistol instructing, personal protection in the home, and personal protection outside the home, I invite you to allow Sanchez Tactical LLC to assist in growing your pistol skills.